At a glance

Malaika Medical Distributors is a truly South African Black Women owned Economic Empowerment Company which strives to be one of the leading organisations in the provision of advanced medical equipment on the African Continent.
Malaika Medical is the sole distributor in South Africa for Alpinion Ultrasound Systems as well as for Intelligent Ultrasound who are the suppliers of the famous ultrasound simulator called the ScanTrainer.


MMD is a marketing and distribution company dedicated to:

  • Distributing high quality medical equipment at a competitive price
  • Creating meaningful employment opportunities for the previously dis advantaged.
  • Being a profitable and sustainable business.
  • Being a significant contributor to the Healthcare System and Medical Professionals

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Service Excellence
  • Delivery on promises made
  • Honouring commitments
  • After sales support
New product

XCUBE 90, Infinite Insight


X-CUBE 90 offers the highest level of efficiency and insight for healthcare providers, enabling you to utilize clear and detailed image and a comfortable user interface. X-CUBE 90 reflects the needs of fields that require quick and accurate diagnosis. With ALPINION's amassed image processing technology and the latest diagnostic solution, more precise diagnosis and quicker decision are now possible. Improve the quality of your diagnosis with X-CUBE 90.

Our Client’s Review

I have purchased the ECUBE 7 ultrasound machine from Malaika Medical. I found the Malaika Medical company services reliable and professional. Ms Nomthi Msane from Malaika Medical is a pleasant and a very professional person and she provided me with a quality service, therefore I would not hesitate to recommend the Malaika Medical to my fellow medical doctors. Up to now I am very satisfied with the ultrasound machine that I acquired from Malaika Medical and for that reason I would recommend this machine to my medical professional colleagues.

One of the things we have appreciated is the high level of service that we have received from this company. Whenever we have incurred a problem or needed settings re-done, there has been a fast and efficient response in attending to these matters. We find the machine very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate the different probes and settings, and stores data in a way that is easily accessible.

I have been using Malaika Medical Distributors products and I am very happy with it. I will recommend anyone to buy them.

I am a gynaecologist at Crompton Life Hospital and currently using the E-Cube 7. I am extremely saticefied with the quality of the picture for my obstetric scans. The assistance in terms of service is great. It currently meets my needs satisfactory.

I am a gynaecologist with a doctorate in high risk obstetrics. The E-Cube 9 is one of the finest machines i have ever used, it provides quality images that astound even the patients.

For me, this is the exellent machine I have ever used when I compare with the other machines. Good pictures and also user friendly. I even recommend it to my other colleagues, even them, they are happy with the E-Cube machine.

E-Cube 5 is simply excellent. Very clear images and easy to use. Will recommend it to anyone who cares about quality images.

I am happy with E-Cube 7 performance, Satisfied! This is my first machine but before this one, I used many more, I can say taht I have no regrets to have bought the machine.